Flavio Salvaje is an exceptional handpan artist known for his deep expression and unique sounds.
With a passion for creating captivating melodies and enchanting rhythms, Flavio's compositions transport listeners to a world of tranquility and introspection.
With a natural talent and a deep connection to his instrument, Flavio Salvaje has established a deep sensitivity for the  art of the handpan.His performances are mesmerizing, captivating audiences with his skillful and heartfelt playing.
Each note resonates with emotion, creating an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Learn with Flavio

Start your fantastic DiscoveryFlavio Salvaje has a unique way of teaching, showing the student a deep sense of self exploration through fundamental ways of appoaching the handpan.Finding joy in the challenges is important so we can outgrow our limitations.
Growing beyond what you think you are and expressing this journey on a instrument.
This is flavios invitation.All Instruments used for classes are High End Pantams
made by :

You are very welcome to join in:

"Guiding people into their own universe and showing them how to explore their own depth is a big passion of mine."

One-on-one Sessions

LEARN TO PLAY HANDPAN IN IBIZABook a one-on-one Session with Flavio and get to play high quality Handpans and discover a world of joy and expression.Learning an Instrument is learning to live a full life and this is what I try to embrace every day.The lessons are completely adapted to your needs and I will show you the best way to find your own way of navigating and expressing yourself in terms of emotions, techniques and intentions.You can bring your own Instrument or play on a diverse selection of different Handpans that I have.

"Flavio is very empathic, feeling where his student stands and what its needs are.
He has very well structured lessons, and makes it easy and fun for everyone.
With his love and dedication for this instrument a true inspiration. Heartwarming and uplifting." Stina Perottet

"In my experience, lessons with Flavio are a pleasant mix of being focused on a topic and having fun.
He knows when to intervene, give advice or a specific exercise so we can progress personally.
He can frame the group as well and bring it further.
Nevertheless, humour is an important part of his style so we always have a good laugh! And sometimes he just becomes silent and listens, takes a step back, feels the music and goes with the flow.
He is really passionate about the handpan and it shows!" Damien Vielle

Online Training

Focus on simple ideas and start having fun!Anything that wants to grow healthy needs stable roots.
This is where everything starts and even if you have been playing for a few years, going back to reinforce the basics will always bring you rewarding fruits in more advanced techniques.
Discover an approach on the Instrument that will open infinite possibilities and you will never get bored again!
For me, these exercises were and still are a game changer in my evolution as a musician.
I am happy to share them with you.

Learn the how and the why
Im bringing you not only knowledge on how to do certain things but also the why its important.
Doing something and understanding why can bring a deeper sense to what you actually wanna do.

Free classes

Get a little taste of how this Training can feel likeWatch some for-free Tutorials to see if this Training could be for you:

For all LevelsThese tutorials are meant to lay a strong foundation and are, therefore, very suitable for both beginners, intermediate and even advanced players.Start your classes now and learn at your own pace, whenever you want, at home, with my tutorial videos.Once you purchase this Training you will have life long access to the videos.When you sign up you will get all the necessary information.Click on the button and mention "Full Training" to jump right into your learning Journey.- PRICE: 90 Euros -

More then 4 and half hours of material.

  • Intentions

  • Warmup and stretching

  • Striking technics

  • Building up all fingers

  • Several ways of playing the scale up and down

  • Concepts, Limitations and their creativity push

  • Percussive elements and drum beats

  • Learn your scale with the notes

  • Bonding with your Handpan

  • Learn to sing with your scale

  • Metronom practice

  • Harmonics

  • Explanation and application of Octaves

  • Buttom notes

  • Flow movements and finger tricks

  • Odd time Signatures

  • Learn to orchestrate any groove or idea into a intresting sequence

  • Create your own time signatures and sequences

  • Light dive into harmonys

  • Different grooves

  • Finger drills and rolls

  • And so many more things...

Small Budget Package

Small Package Training
For those of you who cannot afford 150 Euros i put together a tight and potent selection of some Tutorial videos from the Full Training.
1 hour 20min of material
contained in 7 Videos covering topics like:

  • Concepts, Limitations and their creativity push

  • ways of playing the scale up and down

  • Percussive elements and drum beats

  • Buttom notes

  • Learn your scale with the notes

  • Explanation and application of Octaves

  • Flow movements and finger tricks

  • Learn to use simple ideas and turn them into intresting sequences

  • One groove

Click on the button and mention "small Package" to jump right into your learning Journey.- PRICE 30 Euro -

Handpan workshops in ibiza


Be part of the weekly Handpan Workshop, playing in a group where we dive into sound explorations, listening to each other and play unforgettable Jams.These Evenings are very special to me as we share an intimate space.
The core of it is the gift of listening, learning to become one in a group and shine as a whole.
In my opinion, learning to listen is a huge tool as a musician and, therefore, a must if you are looking for growth as a musician and human.
This Class is open for everyone and it really doesnt matter how much or how little experience you have with music.In these evenings we play same scale Handpans build by Yishama.
If you have a Handpan in F minor you are welcome to bring it otherwise i will provide a Instrument for you.

"When i started to play the handpan, i really was unable to listen, was unaware of sound and space.
Unaware about the responsibility who comes with touching a tonefield.
Flavio opened my heart and mind and i started to really listen and understand the infinite opportunities, that the Handpan can bring to me.
An amazing adventure, i totally recommend it to anyone who is willing to go deeper with the instrument and deeper in power of creating." Yannick Schmied

"Im a deeply touched by the weekly Handpan Workshops.
Flavio has the capability to create a space where you meet each other on a profound level.
Where everyone, regardless of their skills and experiences in playing the Handpan, is welcome and can be part of the unique group energy that is created.
For me it is often an experience beyond time and space, and I feel pure bliss and gratitude for being alive." Lisa Schneeberger

Online Coaching

The Online Coaching idea is to have a "one on one" feeling, giving you the possibility to get individual material that i prepare just for your needs. This option makes sense if you are not able to come to my studio and get live lessons.

"I found that this is the best way to be close to my students Online. Being close to the process of every student is very important for me."

How does it work
Its meant to be a 1 month exchange between you and me. During this time i send you videos to enhance your way of expression on the Handpan.
The Coaching is adapted to your rhythm of learning and the goal is to have a solid build up.
You practice on your own in your tempo and send me some videos of your progress for feedbacks.No matter if you are a beginner or allready advanced, if you wanna get closer with your instrument and commit to grow in this process of finding a vast ocean of possibilitys to express your inner voice then this might be for you.

*"Flavio is a deeply caring human with the very real ability to elicit his emotions through the handpan.
Flavio’s coaching style is just as much student as teacher, and because of that his sessions are authentic and personal to his students individual needs.
He has pushed me to play in ways that I would’ve never explored without his direction.
*In short, I’m a better player because of him, plus he’s a good human." Rick kloog

"Flavio's knowledge was the first teaching I received on the handpan - and I'm certainly glad our paths crossed.
He has a passion and dedication for the art that surpassed many of my professor's in formal music education at university.
He was able to teach me the fundamentals and also cater to my prior musical knowledge by giving me more advanced material.All around great human to connect with for many reasons." Benjamin Reason

Handpan Retreats in ibiza

Explore the world of Handpan during a weekend facilitated by Flavio Salvaje and Amado Gandema.Planting the seed..Discover a way to express yourself freely with your Instrument.These retreats are all about improving your skills and deepening your connection with the Handpan. We will give you some tools to increase your own creativity and freedom for you to be able to constantly create new music.We will be focused on playing structure. Giving awareness to each note, each stroke. To help you make every movement on your Instrument meaningful.
This retreats are dedicated to the people who already own a handpan and want to explore it further. For those who want to break through their own barrier and who no longer want to feel stuck again in their own playing style.
To achieve this goal, we, Flavio and Amado, will show you different rhythms, dexterity exercises, odd time signatures, dynamics, and more, to reach and raise your own creativity.We will also organize jams during the evening , to give everyone a chance to jam with the other participants. We will provide the right Instruments and guide the group to make the jams simple and intuitive.
We believe that opening up to others through a jam is one of the best ways to develop our musical creativity. Through the technical, rhythmic and melodic exchange that we are not used to do alone. And it is also an open door to self-criticism, a mirror effect that invites us to go back to the root of the essence of the music.
At the moment, there are no retreats planned but write me a mail to be on the list for the next one!

"An experience, an immersion, a journey... Of the human, of the heart, of the rigor... Listening, emotion and magnificent silences, more musical than a symphony...I felt guided, with firmness, but also with a lot of gentleness, and especially a lot of love towards this magnificent instrument.
Flavio and Amado are two very complementary teachers who form an ideal duo.
To guide you, towards what you don't even imagine yet.
If you hesitate, I hope that my sincere words have convinced you to join their tribe at the retreats.
Oh yes I forgot, all this beautiful program, is served on a bed of humor and good vibes: Laughter guaranteed!" Lydia Dejugnac

Looking for a Handpan?

If you are looking for a good Instrument, I can help with some guidance.
It is important to be aware that these Instruments take a lot of dedication and hard work to build.
Today, there is a vast number of Handpan builders all around the globe and, of course, there are differences in price and quality.
In my opinion, it is not worth it to get a „cheap“ Handpan, so I would like to say here that a investment of at least 1500 euro is necessary.Also good to know is that usually secondhand Handpans are not really cheaper because this instrument doesnt lose value in time as long as it is a good quality Handpan.
Actually they do sound even better in time, opening up like a good wine.
Where do i buy a good Handpan?As a beginner it can feel overwelming to choose a scale, material and maker cause there is quite some options.There is different qualitys for different prices.
As i allready mentioned i do not recomend to buy a Handpan much below 1500 euros.
Stay away from ebay and plattforms like this cause there is quite some scams around with Handpans.
I would allways recomend to buy straight from a Handpan Maker.
The Range of price varies between 1500-6000 euros depending on the quality and ammount of notes.

How do i know what scale i want?This is a tricky question and in the end its really up to you.
In my opinion there is no wrong scale for a beginner but for sure some are a bit more challening to access but this again depends a lot on what you want to do and how much you wanna be involved in the learning process.
If you wanna go for easely accesible Harmonys i would probably go for:Pygmy, Kurd, Amara.If you want some spicy Tensions and orient vibes go for:Hijazz, Harmonic Minor, Onoleo.Just to name a few options.I Recomend you to use this virtual Handpan App to play around with different scales and even create your own scale adding or removing notes:

Try one of my favorite scales right here:

Order High end Handpan from YIshama

Get a Handpan from one of the leading Handpan Crafters worldwide where you will find no compromisse in quality.
Yishama is a experience for itself and my personal favorit Handpan maker.
Order a new Handpan and get a Discount using the code "Flaviodiscount" when placing your order.Order a Custom Handpan from Yishama here:

You dont feel like waiting for your Handpan?
No problem, checkout the Available now section on the Yishama Page.
There you will allways some Handpans that are ready to go.
Dont forget to use your Discount code "Flaviodiscount".

There is a few other Handpan makers that i know personally and i do really recommend aswell:

...there are even many more very amazing makers out there. Find a list with most of the Handpan makers on Earth here:

If you need some advice I'll gladly help, just write me a message.

Get one of my Handpans

Im mostly having a few Handpans with me for Sale.
I can Ship Worldwide. Shipping cost will be on your behalf.
Of course i will allways prefer a personal pickup.
i am located in Ibiza Spain.Checkout what is available down here.AVAILABLE HANDPANS:

C# Yshasavita 12 from MANTRA HANDPANSScale: C# Yshasavita 12 (Major scale)Notes: C#3 / (F) Ab (Bb) C C# Eb F F# Ab (C) C#
Sweet and uplifting scale like dancing in a fairytale with unicorns and rainbows. And still there is a subtle nostalgy that can be heard.
Maker: Mantra Handpans
Material : Ember Steel
Thickness 1mm
Diameter: 53cm (standart size)
PRICE: (Discount) 1700 Euro Including Softshell Bag.VIDEO DEMO:

Bb2 Aegean 16 from YISHAMA
Notes:(A2) Bb2/ D (E) F (G) A, Bb, D, E, F, A (D, E, F, A)Ethereal, deep and mystical.
This Scale brings me to the depth of the unknown.
A perfect scale for meditative sessions.
Material : Stainless Steel
Thickness 1mm
Diameter: 53cm standart size

handpan rent ibiza

You are interested in having a Handpan but you are not sure if it’s the right thing?
No problem, I have a selection of different Handpans for rent.
Come and try them and take one home!
I am Located in IBIZA SPAIN.


New Releases

"Merging the worlds of Handpan and Voice in a Journey to inner landscapes. "Fly within" is a Ceremony to the divine that we all inhabit. a Call to spread your wing and Fly within."

"Discover the magic of handpan and guitar in a captivating song that celebrates the beauty of friendship in Andalusia. Let the melodies transport you to a world where music unites souls and creates unforgettable moments "

"Everyone know these uncomfortable moments that come along every now and then. Situations that we dont wanna face, we look away or blame the world for it...."Where we Grow" is about this moments. About the treasure that lays within those hardships once we allow ourself to own our own difficulties and emotions without projecting it outwards. Most of our problems are living with us because of our incapacity to sit with hardship and difficult emotions / thoughts.May this song be a prayer for you to sit even just a moment without any distraction to feel what is bubbling within.

Watch Latest Videos

Watch many more of my Handpan videos on my Youtube channel:

Buy my music on Bandcamp:

Stream my music on Apple Music or Spotify:

"Since the beginning i was fascinated by the effect Flavio's music had on me.
When he was playing the Handpan I was taken on an exciting and magical journey.
A journey to myself, to my inner self, where I encountered emotions, feelings and dreams that I had repressed for years or that I didn't even know that they exist.
A new world opened up for me and since then I feel more connected to myself, to my inner world."
Lisa Schneeberger

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Write me an email: calzadoflavio@gmail.com
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Online Training

Welcome to my online course. As soon as you have filled out the form below and paid the fee, I will send you the links to the videos. They will be accessible for you forever, so you can learn at your own pace.The training consists of several Tutorial Videos about different topics.
I have split them into four weeks for a better overview. I recommend to follow the order of the videos, as they are building up on eachother.
But of course - it’s totally up to you how you do it.
Send payment (110 Euro) to:Paypal LinkorBank transfer:Euro-Konto
Flavio Calzado
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Small Package Online Training

Welcome to the small package training. As soon as you have filled out the form below and paid the fee, I will send you the links to the videos. They will be accessible for you forever, so you can learn at your own pace.I selected a few Videos from the Full training for you to enjoy.
The order of the videos are very intentional so i suggest to follow that.
Enjoy the ride =)
Send payment (40 Euro) to:Paypal LinkorBank transfer:Euro-Konto
Flavio Calzado
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